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EBooks with Resale Rights Can Make You Become a Best Selling Author in 3 Months

From the beginning of the human civilization, mankind has had an unending quest for knowledge, which is the primary reason when Amazon launched Kindle, they knew it was going to be a bit superhit. People are constantly on the lookout for information on various topics – be it How to cook 5-minute recipes, or starting an import business, or growing organic vegetables. 

This thirst for knowledge is good for them, and so is it a lucrative opportunity for you to make money by being the provider of this knowledge by making use of private label right eBooks with resale rights.

Have never written an eBook before?

Been wondering….What are PLR articles?

No Problem!

Are not knowledgeable enough to give expert advice on a particular subject? No Problem

Have barely any money to live by, forget about trying to get a book together…

You can overlook these problems and become a bestselling author on Amazon in a niche of your choice in a couple of months. And if you get the hang of what I am about to tell you, you might as well launch a couple of books in 3 months, just not one.

So, how do Ebooks with Resale Rights Work?

You can buy ebooks with resell rights and sell them online through third-party bookstores or by stocking them in your own online shop. The best part about this resell digital products business is that you only need to purchase a single copy of the eBook with Master Resale Rights and then sell it to as many buyers as you want. 

To get started, follow these steps:

1. Find out your core niche

This is the first and the most important step. Many people on the just pick up eBooks with resale rights randomly and try to sell them. But this is a very scattered approach for marketing. Instead what we suggest is that you select one particular genre and stick to it. It can be anything. For example you can stock books on pets, management, cooking, gardening, carpentry, fashion, etc., the sky is the limit. But even before you decide to sell the books, make sure you check the license of the books since many resale rights eBooks are only meant to be sold, not modified.

2. Get a Website for Your Ebooks

You need a platform to market yourself. Instead of giving commission to other eBook selling platforms, you can save the costs and get a website. This way, you can retain 100% of your earnings from the sale of private label ebooks that you bought with licensing from your favorite plr ebook shop.

3. Find the Ebooks You Want To Sell

Now where do you get ebooks with resale rights? I did not tell you about this yet. My personal source for High-Quality EBooks with MRR is Resell Rights Weekly. Once you are inside RRW, you can select eBook categories, such as ebooks with master resell rights, an eBook with private resell rights, ebooks with giveaway rights and ebooks with personal use rights. You can use these ebooks to build your email list by giving them away for free in exchange for your visitors email address. Then you can also use a plr email sequence that is sent to your new subscriber to build a good relation with them with building trust as well. This is a very effective strategy used by some of the world’s most successful marketers online.

Selling private label videos on the Internet is a rapidly growing and very profitable business that you should consider as an extra revenue generation source. To give your video courses the best exposure, you could take advantage of video sites and directories that accept author submissions. I hope you found this article helpful. Have a good day.