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Anti - Smoking Campaign

In America there was a new Kids 4 Kids Anti - Smoking Drawing Contest Award Ceremony which took place on the 14th June 2009. It was part of a continuous campaign against smoking. The contest involved children from New York city schools submitting a drawing that had an anti - smoking message which would help tell everyone of the dangers of smoking. 10 winners were picked and 5 others got a worthy mention. Prizes included a framed certificate and a specified amount in dollars of an American Express gift card according to the winner and runners up.
The Russian American Dental Association held the event and they hope next year it will be an even bigger.
Having an anti - smoking campaign and a drawing contest is such a good idea. I hope other cities around the world will follow kids 4 kids lead and do the same.
My parents gave up smoking after a good friend of theirs got cancer and they visited him in hospital. When he was dying of the disease the hospital told them they were putting him on strong pain killing drugs and not to come and see him anymore as he wouldn't know they were there. Smoking was then just beginning to be recognised as something that could seriously damage your health. So my parents thought for their friends sake they would give up smoking. My brother and I never took up smoking. But both my sister and other brother did both of them eventually gave up for the same reasons. They gave up before having children.
Some feel peer pressure to take up smoking as their friends do it they follow suit. I never felt that, I would watch them at school as they smoked behind the temporary classrooms where they wouldn't get caught. They would then dispose of the evidence once they had finished by flicking their cigarette stubs over the wall. I'd see them light up immediately once they were outside the school gates.
Smoking was for a long while fashionable and glamorous. Back then there was an advertisement for a brand of cigarettes that became known as "Marlboro man" (the actor who played "Marlboro man" subsequently died from smoking). People were lighting up in films and television programmes. Government health warnings had already come in but advertising was still strong and smoking was still popular.
Now thank goodness the tide has turned and smoking has become an unacceptable past time. Cigarette advertising has been banned in the United Kingdom. Smoking has also been banned in public places in some countries. You can no longer smoke in pubs, bars, restaurants, shops or the work place. So you no longer as a non - smoker have to damage your health by inhaling other people's cigarette smoke or having the stale smell of cigarette smoke lingering on your clothes. Smoking is no longer glamorous or fashionable it is an addictive habit that ages you, stains your teeth yellow, causes serious illnesses such as cancer and in the end it will kill you. It will also take years off your life.
Alya Nuri is a 9 year - old Muslim author from America who has written a book to encourage people not to smoke. It also gives you the facts on smoking as well as a story about a couple of friends who chose different things. The book Things Every Kid Should Know - Smoking! by Alya Nuri
is available on Amazon.

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