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The History of Film

clapper board Before television films were the only form of this kind of entertainment.
During that time if you wanted to see the news you had to go to the cinema to
do so.
The first film to be made was in the 1870's in California . When films began they were silent with pictures only. Written words would appear every now and then
to explain what was going on. No one had yet been able to put the pictures and sound together. People like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton became famous for their comic genius in silent films.
In the early 1900's animation began. This was a slow process until the invention
of computers. This was because objects would either have to be moved by hand
for each frame or if it was a cartoon each drawing would have to be changed frame by frame.
The real break through in films came when The Jazz Singer came out in 1927. Warner Brothers invented a device called a vitaphone. This would record onto Phonographs (a kind of record player) both the music and the talking
individually. The phonographs could then be played while the film was running. The projection system would also be linked up to the vitaphone so that both the pictures and sound would match. It was a real revolution and films became known as talkies.
Films began to advance and various types of films were created dramas, westerns, comedies, science fiction and gangster films. Some actors and actresses were known as film stars as they were so popular. By the 1970's special effects came about with the start of the Star Wars films. Films continue to feed our emotions
and no doubt will long into the future.

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