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Welsh Music

musical notes Wales is known for its singing and most notably for its male voice choir. This dates back to the 1800's. In those days the towns and villages all had them, but with people finding less time for leisure activities many have since died out.
One choir though has managed to keep going for over a hundred years The Cardiff Male Choir. It has survived through this world wars and a time of high unemployment in the area during the 1930's. Due to this they lost half of their members who had to go and look for
work further away.
The choir, though, helped to raise funds for the unemployed who were struggling to make ends meet. So the choir became the very strength of the community by helping and supporting it.
There are traditional Welsh music festivals that choirs compete in. These are known as eisteddfodau. There is the National Youth Choir of Wales and the BBC National Chorus of Wales. Of course not all choirs are male there are mixed ones as well. So they are open to everyone with a good singing voice. There are more than 200 choirs in Wales today.
The Welsh sing the Welsh anthem with great passion at rugby matches and on other occasions. They are famous for their beautiful voices.

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